Large Single Deep In-Ground Niche



In-Ground Niche

The perfect way to honor and memorialize our pets. The In-Ground Niche allows you to safekeep your pets’ ashes in the ideal condition to preserve them. It can house one or multiple urns depending on size and shape.
Customize your niche; its lid is made of granite; you can engrave up to 12 pet names or create combinations of drawings, phrases, or characters according to your creativity. With a weather gasket, it protects your pets’ cremation urns against the elements, and with two security solid bronze rosettes, it prevents intruders from accessing the In-Ground Niche contents.
With its body made of thick polyethylene, it is made to last forever in the ground. The In-Ground Niche is unique in the market, and it is designed to be easily installed following the detailed installation instructional video that you can find at Installation-Instructional Video.

In-Ground Niche Components
Large Double Deep In-Ground Niche
Large Single Deep In-Ground Niche
Small Single Deep In-Ground Niche
Niche Bodies Color Available
Gray or Brown Body
Granite Lid with Protective Weather Gasket 
Black, Brown, Grey, And Beige Tone Lid
2 Solid Bronze Security Rosettes, 2 Tamper Proof Stainless Steel Screws & 1 Security Bit
Square Red And White Bronze Rosette
Round Red And Round White Bronze Rosette
Five Anchoring Rods
Steel Anchoring Rods
Three Anchoring Rods
Steel Anchoring Rods
Engraving Templates
For 1 to 12 Names
Engraving Templates
For 1 to 6 Names
Engraving Templates
For 1 or 2 Names
Chamber Divider
1/4″ Thick Clear Acrylic

Our patented In-Ground Niche maximizes your ground space with a high cremation urn capacity in a small footprint.

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Black LID, Beige LID, Brown LID, Gray LID


White Round, Red Round, White Square, Red Square


Gray Body, Brown Body


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