About EFHN

Background info

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help every animal lover memorialize and honor the lives of their pets, by creating the only true In-Ground Niche in the market.

Vision Statement Ideas:

Our vision is to have our In-Ground Niche in every backyard with pets in the world. We will achieve this with the right marketing strategy, strong supplier partnerships, efficient distribution channels, and of course the perfect team.


• We are committed to design and manufacture every component in the USA. • We design and manufacture our products with durability, security, and ease of use in mind. • We are committed to donate 1% of our sales to one of our partnered pet organizations. • We strive to give the best customer service. • We always aim for perfection.


The visionaries

Gerardo G. Garcia

Juliana Garcia-Seyffert

Juliana's love of pets inspired her to join her father in embarking in this new adventure of bringing comfort to those who have mourned the loss of their beloved pets.