Now, they will always be with you!
Installation instructions:

With your new In-Ground Niche, you, along with your family and loved ones, will have the unique opportunity of celebrating your pets lives in the intimacy and safety of your home.

Simple Installation Instructions

1. Asses the placement spot
2. Install the anchoring rods
3. Mark the digging area
4. Dig the hole to the required depth
5. Level the bottom of the hole and place the niche in it
6. Pour the concrete powder around the niche
7. Fill with water around the niche and the niche
8. Gently stir and mix the concrete and water
9. Make sure the niche is leveled
10. Let the concrete set
11. Backfill with dirt around the niche and compact.
12. Drain and dry the niche
13. Place the urns inside your In-Ground Niche
14. Place the Granite Lid on the niche
15. Install the security rosettes