“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.
All that we love deeply becomes a part of us”

- Helen Keller

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Large In-Ground Niche Single Deep
$1224 / $1132

Premium / Deluxe

Small In-Ground Niche Single Deep
$777 / $718

Premium / Deluxe

Large In-Ground Niche Double Deep
$1360 / $1258

A true friend is gone,
but the memories will live on.

Our beautiful memories &

Life Stories


Eternal Friends Home Niche Offers Pet Owners a New Way to Memorialize the Loss of Their Beloved Pets and Safekeep the Pet’s Ashes


Porras’ Story

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Our patented In-Ground Niche brings to all pet owners the ability to
properly safekeep and memorialize our beloved pets right at home.


Disclaimer: All the product pictures and images are provided to give a general idea about the color, veining and variation of the stone and/or products. Natural Stones may vary from one consignment to the next. Lighting changes in pictures may make a product appear different from the actual product seen in “real life’.