The Only True
In-Ground Niche
on the Market

Now They Will Always Be With You

Small In-Ground Niche

Single Deep

Large In-Ground Niche

Double Deep

Large In-Ground Niche

Single Deep
In-Ground Niche Exploted

Our patented In-Ground Niche brings to all pet owners the ability to properly safekeep and memorialize our beloved pets right at home.

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Disclaimer: All the product pictures and images are provided to give a general idea about the color, veining and variation of the stone and/or products. Natural Stones may vary from one consignment to the next. Lighting changes in pictures may make a product appear different from the actual product seen in “real life’.

Eternal Friends Home Niche Pets

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.
All that we love deeply becomes a part of us”

- Helen Keller

A true friend is gone,
but the memories will live on.

Our beautiful memories &

Life Stories


Eternal Friends Home Niche Offers Pet Owners a New Way to the Loss of Their Beloved Pets and Safekeep the Pet’s Ashes


Porras’ Story

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