Large Double Deep In-Ground Deluxe Niche | Gray Body | Gray Lid



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Large In-Ground Double Deep Deluxe

Comprehensive: Our deluxe package is perfect for the multiple or large pet owner, depending on the size and shape of the cremation urn, our patented Double Deep Large In-Ground Niche can fit up to 12 urns. It has two 12” deep chambers for a total of 24”, the bottom chamber has a diameter of 14” and the top chamber has a diameter of 15”. The large 21” x 21” lid can fit multiple pet name and image engravings. This package is great for any backyard and outdoor space. It includes our standard anchoring system developed to prevent shifting especially in low temperature ground frost depths areas, and a granite lid with our standard weather seal. Engineered for an easy do-it-yourself installation and to be completely watertight.

Includes Mix and Match Options Price
Niche Body with 5 Anchoring Rods Gray Body $1,248.75

plus S&H

Granite Lid with Weather Seal
Anchoring Rods 5 Steel Anchoring Rods
Engraving Templates For 1 to 12 Names
Chamber Divider 1/4″ Thick Clear Acrylic

Concise: The Double Deep Large In-Ground Niche maximizes your ground space with a high cremation urn capacity in a small footprint.

Weight 90 lbs


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