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Our program helps our affiliates earn a commission on sales generated through their customer referrals, content creators, influencers, bloggers, and social networks, among others. Our affiliates recommend our products and services, provide their referrals a direct link to Eternal Friends Home Niche website, and earn a commission for every completed sale.

Join Our Affiliate Program & Earn Money Helping Grieving Pet Parents Properly Honor the Life of Their Pets

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Join the Eternal Friend Home Niche Affiliate Program


Spread the word! Help grieving pet families properly honor the life of their pets and find closure. Boost your referrals by sharing your unique referral link in many different ways: personalized rack brochure, email, newsletter, social media, website, etc.


By helping grieving pet families you can earn 10% commission on every sale completed through Eternal Friends Home Niche website as a result of your referral. It’s as simple as that.

Preserve Memories, Earn Money, and Expand Your Network with Eternal Friends Home Niche.

Be part of our program, and you will have access to an array of promotional materials to assist pet parents during those difficult times when their beloved pets pass. Personalized rack brochures, your unique QR code, brand images and logos, social media content and posts, showroom displays, referral online links, and much more.

Once you are in our program, you will be assigned a personalized affiliate online dashboard where you’ll be able to monitor the performance of your referrals, see how many have visited EFHN website, and how many resulted in a purchase. In the referral statistics section, gain insights into how many times your links and QR codes have been clicked, the number of sales your referrals have generated, and track your earned commission and paid commissions.

Spread the word like a pro. Boost your referrals by sharing your unique referral link in creative ways.

  • The social networker’s approach: Share your referral link and QR code on your social media platforms.
  • The writer’s technique: Incorporate your link and QR code into a blog post.
  • The influencer’s method: Include your link or QR code in the description of a tutorial video you’ve uploaded.
  • The developer’s way: Embed your affiliation badge into your application.
  • The traditional approach: Send your link to your colleagues via email, newsletters, printed materials, and of course “Word of Mouth”.