Porras’ Story

Porras’ Story

After losing the first dog of my own, I wanted to bring some joy into my life by getting another. This time I bought him online, I called Porras my “cyber dog.” He was so small when he arrived by plane that he was freezing to death, and I had to rush him straight to the vet. After nurturing him for weeks, Porras finally recovered and turned into a perfectly healthy dog. It is true what they say, a dog is a man’s best friend, we did everything together. Porras was a white Labrador Retriever, the coolest dog for outdoor activities. We went on hikes, we camped, mountain bike, fished, it was always an adventure with him. Exploring new trails on the mountain was one of our favorite things to do. Not to mention, that we traveled all over the US and Mexico together.

Porras always wanted to be included in anything our family did. If it was Christmas, and we were opening presents, he would be their there impatiently waiting to see what we got. Everyone loved him, especially my daughter. As a baby she would play with Porras all time, once we caught her putting soil, from a plant in our living room, all over him while he was just sitting there completely unbothered by it. He was the happiest dog, when someone walked through the door, he would get overly excited but after a few minutes he would lie down next to you and let you pet him. When my family lived in Ruidoso, New Mexico in a cabin in the woods, he managed to escape a few times. After not coming home one night we received a call from a woman saying that Porras had been in her living room watching tv with her kids. The funny thing is, she waited till the next day to call us, it seems her kids did not want to see Porras go. Always the center of attention, we would say, wherever we went people came up to us wanting to pet him.

Porras was the best dog I could ever ask for and losing him was hard on all of us.